Girls and Minnie Mouse

PEMA’s vision is for children with special needs and disabilities to have access to weekly specialist services to ensure that they can live fulfilled lives. PEMA has built strong working relationships with the Ministry of Social Welfare, national non-governmental organisations, local municipalities, local companies, Centres for Social Work, Family Medical Centres and schools.

PEMA advocates for the rights of children with disabilities by working with local and national authorities and local community based organisations, increasing the awareness of parents and the general public on the rights of these children and monitoring national policies. Working in collaboration with other organisations, PEMA has advocated for the rights of children with disabilities in Kosovo and for the access to services and treatment.

“My child has changed so much since he has started to come to the centre. All the family but also teachers at school have noticed that my child is quieter and can concentrate now even in class.” Majlinda’s child benefits from services at the Prizren day care centre

Since its establishment, PEMA has been funded and supported by One to One Children’s Fund. PEMA was One to One Children’s Fund’s formal implementing partner for the Provision of social services to children with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups of children in 2013-2015, funded by the European Union, and benefits from on-going technical and fundraising support by the London-based Charity.