Child and counsellor reading

PEMA is managed by an active Board of Directors, a Project Director, Office and Finance Manager, Project Officer, and a Logistics Officer based in Pristina who supports the day care centres.

Each day care centre is staffed with:

  • One Centre Coordinator, who manages the centre and the team, is in charge of referrals, networking and partnership with parents, local authorities and organisations. The Centre Coordinator attends all the trainings and carries out some clinical work with service users or families.
  • Four Care Workers / Counsellors who manage activities with the children, individual cases and home visits.
  • One Receptionist / Housekeeper who greets all service users, as well as ensures that the centre is well equipped and maintained. They also provide support to counsellors during children’s activities.
  • One Driver / Caretaker who collects children from their schools and homes to attend their weekly session at the day care centre. The Caretaker is also in charge of the upkeep of the project minibus and the maintenance of the centre.